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Customer support

Our customer service.

One of the most important issues for us, is our customer service.

Whether you are an end-user, installer or system integrator: once you need our customer service.

We offer you a number of possibilities for this:

  • First check whether we have already included your question in our FAQ: our list of 'frequently asked questions'. Because it may well be that someone else has ever asked the same question as you want to ask now.
    The FAQ can be found here: http://wiki.larnitech.com/en/faq/
  • Do you have a specific question about a certain product? For example, how do you connect the CAN bus cable to our modules? Then the best option is to consult our WIKI pages. We have a huge collection with help pages about all our products. And: all in the English language! The WIKI pages can be found here: http://wiki.larnitech.com/en/documentation/
  • If you still have a question about a product or service, then the best option is to use our ticket system in our webshop Larni.tech All your questions (and our answers) will be linked to your account.
    You can find the ticket system in your own account that you have created on our website. In "My account" you see the option "My tickets"; and there you can easily ask your question. We will answer your question within 1 working day.
    Tip: you can reach your Tickets very quickly by clicking on 'My tickets' at the bottom of this page.
  • If you have an urgent question, of course you can call us. The telephone number of our office is +31 (0) 24-6222956.
  • Would you prefer to mail? That’s also possible; our email address is [email protected]



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